The investment portfolio

The PFA Group invests in properties both in Denmark and abroad.

PFA Ejendomme is an investment department in PFA Pension and invests in properties with the purpose of increasing the diversification in PFA’s total investment portfolio and thereby ensuring the customers the best possible long-term and stable return.

As at 31 December 2018, PFA’s property investments total approximately DKK 64 billion.

Focus on sustainability and climate considerations

We have a strong focus on sustainability and climate considerations in our property investments, and the climate goal of the Paris Agreement is integrated in our investment process. We are working systematically on compiling consumption and energy data from our Danish property portfolio with a view to reducing our carbon footprint. We also strive to build and renovate in accordance with sustainable and environmentally-friendly standards – among other things, we screen all new constructions to make sure that they qualify for a sustainability certification (DGNB certification). As a member of the Green Building Council Denmark, we share our experience in measuring and reducing our carbon footprint for the benefit of a wider community. Read more about our work with climate considerations and sustainability.

Danish business properties

As at 31 December 2018, PFA Ejendomme’s portfolio of business properties includes more than 75 directly owned business properties. The properties are primarily used for office space and administration purposes. In addition to the directly owned properties, PFA holds equity investments in joint ventures in a number of companies, including ATPFA, Axel Towers, Portland Towers, Ottilia Copenhagen etc.

PFA Ejendomme regularly carries out a number of development projects with a view to add new properties to the portfolio that are future-proofed with regard to functionality and selection of materials.

Newsec Datea A/S is in charge of all operation and maintenance of the Danish business properties in PFA Ejendomme.

The market segment is Danish and international companies as well as public lessees who want well-situated quality properties from a professional lessor.

At PFA Ejendomme’s website, you can find a list of currently vacant leases (Danish only).

PFA Rental Housing

A part of the strategy is to invest in rental housing. Investments are made in both new constructions and existing properties with ideal locations.

As at 31 December 2018, the portfolio covers 73 housing properties with more than 1,700 tenancies in existing and newly-built properties in Copenhagen and its environs, Hillerød, Aalborg and in several major provincial towns. Approximately 1,200 tenancies are being built in Copenhagen, Hillerød, Horsens, Vejle, Randers, Herning, Silkeborg, Viborg, Kolding, Odense etc.

PFA customers can sign up for a rental property at My PFA (Mit PFA)

Foreign property investments

PFA Ejendomme manages PFA’s investments in foreign properties. The investments are primarily made as indirect investments in property funds, but are also made as direct investments by way of co-investments and always with a local partner.

Focus on the foreign investmecolnts is primarily directed at Pan European countries, the UK, the US and Asia.